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Access Control Cumbria

Reader Technologies

A wide range of reader technologies can be used to identify a user. Some examples shown below.

  • Proximity Readers are able to read cards, tokens even specially adapter watches. They can read the cards or tokens at a range of 8cm to 3 metres, so are quick and easy to use. Proximity cards can also double up as ID cards in large organisations.

  • Token Readers read a key ring style token. They need to be touch the reader so cannot work at range, but still remain quick and easy to use.

  • Swipe Card readers work by reading a magnetic strip located on the reverse of the card. They must be swiped through a slot and can double up as an ID card.

All of the above reader technologies require the user to carry a card ort stolen. The following technologies do not :

  • Keypads can enable access by having a unique pin or generic pin for all users. This type of access control is less secure than other methods, but can provide a convenient solution for low security areas.

  • Finger Print Readers can provide as secure method of granting access if the fingerprint is authorised. This is a popular biometric solution that is secure and convenient.

There are other specialist biometric readers available including retinal scan, speech, facial thermograms and hand geometry although this technology is generally only used on high security specialist projects due to cost.

Access Control Cumbria

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