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Fire alarms Cumbria

Fire Alarm Systems

In order to stand out from our competitors, we install processor enhanced detectors as standard in all our fire alarm systems. The individual detectors have their very own onboard microprocessors to allow for optimum sensitivity in the detectors, without giving rise to false alarms. Giving intelligent detection regardless of whether the fire alarm control system is addressable or not.

Addressable fire alarm systems allow every unit or component within the fire system to have it's own individual address, meaning that problems and hazards can be quickly and easily identified on the control panel with a exact location for example ''Bedroom 9 2nd Floor FIRE''. Having a location pinpointed ion this manner, greatly reduces the search time in the event of a fire.

Laser fire alarm systems for high sensitivity applications such as clean rooms, telecommunications centres or computer rooms, where any damage is too much, allow for a very fast response in fire detection as they sense the earliest particles of combustion.

In hostile environments where traditional smoke detectors are impractical, HARSH is the answer. HARSH works in situation where traditional smoke detection would be unsuitable and can eli mate false alarms whilst still maintaining effective smoke detection. There is no need to compromise on the level of detection in critical araes simply because they are dirty or wet.


Fire alarms Cumbria

Cumbria fire alarms

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