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Retail Tagging Systems

One of the worst scourges to the retail industry is theft. It can be difficult to stop and if left can seriously effect profit margins.

One of the best means of preventing loss for both hard and soft retail goods is with electronic article surveillance (EAS). The systems work as there are antennas at the exit points of the tags in the form of paper labels or hard tags attached to the goods, when carried through a checkpoint an alarm will be triggered. Almost any object can be tagged ranging from clothes to books using the same technology.

CCTV systems can also be linked to the tagging antennas to capture a more detailed image of the person leaving the shop.

This type of retail tagging alarm system is commonly used by libraries and retail applications, they can however also be sued within workplaces to track laptops or other valuables.



Security alarms Cumbria

Cumbria security alarms

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Cumbria security alarms
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