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Security Lighting

One of the most basic steps you can take towards making your home or business more secure is by adding a well designed, installed and maintained security lighting system.

Security lighting is one of the most effectual methods of discouraging burglars targeting your home, and is also one of the most cost effective security options. In additions to the security benefits, security lighting can also be very convenient, for example when trying to unlock the front door at night.

Security lighting options include:

Photocell / Sensor operated - This type of security lighting will provide light when and where it's needed. It can be used for general security and convenience or to support a CCTV system (or both).

Sensors are used to trigger external lighting to provide a visual or audible warning within the property to alert you of any external activity that has happened. A small control panel located in a convenient location within the property will indicate where the area of activity has occurred.

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